Nutritional Journal | Diet Express

Nutritional Journal

✔ 13 week (3 month) diet and exercise journal

✔ Low GI traffic light nutritional guide – or simply used to clearly indicate quality of meal choice

✔ One day to a page – space for 6 meals/snacks + exercise

✔ Track progress with monthly fitness assessment

✔ Designed and used by diet, health and fitness professionals

The Diet Express nutritional journal has been used by thousands since it was launched in 2010 to log nutrition and exercise over a 3 month period. The diary has everything you need to track your diet with space to log up to 6 meals/snacks as well as to indicate the size of portion. Exercise is quick and easy to fill in with a tick of a box or two. For those with more to track there is space to write in the weekly notes page. Your energy levels, water and alcohol are also logged each day. This nutrition journal also includes information about following a low GI diet and a daily record may be kept to indicate high/medium/low GI meals, or as some prefer, to indicate the quality of the meal! Whether your goal is weight loss, health or diabetes control the Diet Express diet and exercise diary will help you track your progress and reach your goals.


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