Me, Myself and Diet Express | Diet Express

Me, Myself and Diet Express

✔ 3 MONTH MEAL PLAN with accompanying low GI recipes

✔ LOSE WEIGHT with high fibre and low GI meals

✔ TRAFFIC LIGHT GUIDE makes selecting foods to eat simple

✔ WALKING PROGRAMMES for beginner, intermediate and advanced

✔ LOW GI RECIPES delicious and satisfying for all the family

Diet Express is a Low GI diet and exercise programme that allows you to lose weight and control diabetes with a 13 week meal plan and accompanying recipes.

The simple traffic light system, along with delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas help make deciding what to eat easy.

The book will teach and inspire you to achieve your goals by encouraging good habits that will fit your needs, your lifestyle and your tastes.

This programme is of benefit to all family members for good health and weight loss, and is also of benefit for better mental health and diabetes control.

Lose weight and feel great today!