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Health In A Box

NEW: Health In A Box

Lose weight and love the new you!

Listen to Julie Watt, Diet Express creator, explain the contents of the box…

Included within your Health in a Box:

    1. 1. Me, Myself & Diet Express – Easy read paperback book that provides you with everything you need to know to boost your weight loss with the GI Diet. Includes a 13 week meal planner and recipes.
    2. 2. Journal – This is for you to fill in. Research has shown that using a journal can double weight loss. It is vital to keep track of your eating and exercise habits through a journal. Looking at the items you log will enable you to find areas you can tweak and improve on. Includes Red/Amber/Green traffic light system for easy identification of key foods.
    3. 3. Handouts – Help build your knowledge about how to positively change your lifestyle.
    4. 4. Tape Measure – An accurate assessment of your body measurements will allow you to track your physical improvements throughout your programme.
    5. 5. Pedometer – Wearing a pedometer and recording your daily steps and distance is a great motivating tool. You will also be given an exercise programme to suit your needs.
    6. 6. Bootcamp Online Exercise Videos – 6 months access to 30+ hours of home workout videos delivered by professional instructors. Includes 50 training exercises, Combat, Marine, Karate, Aerobics and Step. Access online videos via any device (PC, tablet or smartphone)

Health in a Box US$39.50 or £25 sterling (plus postage)