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Diet Express app

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An easy, sustainable, no hunger low GI diet plan that you’ll love.

Our App gives you an easy to follow health and weight loss programme plus fun and realistic ways to get fit.

Proven weight loss help, encouragement and motivation plus practical health tips for change!

We work with the NHS in the UK, to help obese and diabetic patients, so we know what we are talking about when it comes to healthy weight loss.

• How the low GI diet fights the silent assassin diabetes
• Understanding nutritional labels
• Healthy recipes, for weight loss and diabetes prevention
• Easy to follow traffic light system for helping you choose the right foods and ingredients
• Walking programmes and easy exercises to get you started
• Weight loss tips to make it easy for you to motivate yourself

We have years of experience with companies such as Fitness First and the National Health Service in the UK, helping individuals and families to lose weight and choose a healthier lifestyle.

Our programmes are designed to fit in with regular exercise to maximise your results with many challenging aspects of weight loss covered to help you achieve success.

* Lose weight following the low GI eating plan
* 150 “how to” training exercise videos
* Legs, Bums and Tums workout videos
* Healthy recipes
* Keep up to date with health news