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A lot of people have asked for advice recently regarding Diabetes and healthy eating. We have a section in our book “Me, Myself and Diet Express” that has been much help to many. Recently I came across this article on the BBC news that I found very interesting. Have a read and let us know what you think.

The Article below was posted by a columnist for Womens Magazine.

I think it’s the best excuse ever to get yourself into shape and into the gym. Find a gym where there is a friendly environment where friends can be made and goals can be reached. If you know anyone suffering from depression let them read this article.

So it’s true that you can get HAPPY while getting HEALTHY!

Laughter can keep the weight off.

Giggling for just 15 minutes a day burns enough calories to shed up to 5lbs of fat over a year, work shows.

A lot of people think they need to work out for two hours a day in order to get fit and healthy. We put so much pressure on ourselves that failure is inevitable.
I have always contended that a workout should fit into your lifestyle and that the number of days and time spent working out should be realistic. Consistency and shorter workouts are the keys to this game.

What’s the difference between a dream and a goal?

Any goal-setting guru will tell you that goals are dreams that you write down and track.

What is the most important factor of success and achievement? Is it IQ, self- confidence, or just perseverance?

According to intelligence studies, the answer would be none of the above. In fact, the tendency to set goals is the #1 predictor of success.

The Daily Telegraph reported that “Popeye was right: spinach really does boost your muscles”. The newspaper said that eating 300g of spinach “reduced the amount of oxygen needed to power muscles by as much as five per cent when exercising”.

When we are feeling stressed, upset, angry, even nervous, we look to find something that will calm us or make us feel better. And many of us find relief in food. People who use food as a distraction and a tool to satisfy are known as emotional eaters. And emotional eating can wreck your diet goals.

The wonderful SuperFood from the Amazon,Acai Berry fresh from the “tree of life”, can provide over 30 times the amount of anthocyanins as red wine and all the beneficial fatty acids of olive oil in one delicious, all-natural package.