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About Us

Diet Express

…is a fresh, contemporary approach to weight loss.


What you get with Diet Express:

  • •  An easy, sustainable, no hunger low GI diet plan that you’ll love.
  • •  Diet plans for those who want to be told exactly what to eat!
  • •  Our unintimidating, yet challenging exercise programme plus fun, easy ways to boost your daily activity.
  • •  Weight loss help, encouragement and motivation plus practical health tips for change!
  • •  Slimming strategies that will stop you overeating and understand emotional eating.
  • •  How the low GI diet fights the silent assassin diabetes.


Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Kylie and Jennifer Lopez swear by the Low GI diet:

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We have designed a unique weight loss programme that is simple and easy to use. We want to show you an easy way to manage your diet and to sustain it for the rest of your life.
You will learn a lot of good nutritional facts, goal setting, effective weight loss tips and making smart decisions. Diet Express will give you the confidence and know-how to regain control and take the first step to a healthy lifestyle. Apple_and_Water_300gif

The Aim of Diet Express

The main aim of Diet Express is to show you how to get healthy. At least 80% of women have been on some kind of diet in their lifetime and we want to break this destructive cycle of yo-yo dieting. We achieve this with our unique weight loss programme which provides weight loss help and support with weekly consultations and daily recording of food and exercise routines in our Diet Express journal. Research has shown that filling in a journal can help double weight loss.